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Predict and influence how people actually behave

ISD's Simulait allows you to better predict and influence human behavior at any level from individuals to complete populations, in order to assist with business strategy and Government policy… it’s like a real-life SimCity application!

Simulait has been applied to a range of industries globally including water, energy, retail, transport, emergency response, Government policy, and organizational analysis, where it has achieved greater than 90% accuracy in predictions.


Simulait’s simulation-based consumer analytics platform allows you to represent complex human behavior and decision making, as well as test complex strategy and policy scenarios to design ways to influence human behavior. By simulating the behavior of different types of individuals, given their needs, habits, interactions, and day-to-day activities, Simulait can mimic how different individuals reason and respond to external “influences” such as new marketing, pricing, policies, competitive strategies, or environmental cues. Integrated with Census and/or customer (CRM) data, Simulait uses rules and logic to represent: the choices people have available; how, why and when they make those choices; and the situations, social contexts or external influences that can alter their choices.

ISD's Simulait Online is a collaborative cloud-based tool that allows you and your team members to access the power of Simulait on-demand using a web browser.

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